Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some random observations having been back in Pontevedra for three days, after a five month absence:-

- The town is as tidy and as apparently prosperous as ever. If you ignore all the closed shops.

- There are some new roundabouts to negotiate. Of course.

- People still walk straight out of shops in front of you.

- The countryside is blighted with unfinished houses and developments.

- None of the 17 houses behind mine have been bought/occupied yet.

- The Atlantic Blanket is as much a spirits-dampener as ever.


- The women are as feminine and as attractive as ever. And the men just as masculine. Which is the way it should be.

So, Plus ça change . . .

On an even lighter note, here's a little tale I heard today:-

Mrs Merkel flew into Athens and had the following conversation with the Immigration Officer at the airport:-
No, just a few days.

Short and sweet.


Sierra said...

Something to cheer you up during the "alerta naranja" weather:


Think there must have been an excess of communion wine

Colin said...

Many thanks, Sierra.

Colin said...

I was expecting Christ to topple off. Bit disappointed he didn't . . .

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