Thursday, May 17, 2012

Here in Knutsford (Canute's ford) there is a McLaren dealer. The only car in the place costs 198,500 pounds. I'm trying to get my head round the supposition that someone who's able and willing to spend 200,000 pounds is influenced by the fact that he or she can save 1,500 pounds. And be deprived of the ability to boast that the car cost "more than 200 grand".

Knutsford seems to have gone up in the world since I lived here as a young man.

But it was nice to pass the cottage hospital where my elder daughter, Faye, was almost born 35 years ago last November. And where I was so long in a white coat that many of the patients assumed I was a doctor.


Sierra said...

Further to your comments on the price of the McLaren, can anybody explain why Spanish car dealers very rarely display prices on cars. Is it a case of the price depends on the person asking? Given the high price of secondhand cars here, presumably there's a large margin for negotiation.

Colin said...

Yes. When I went to look at buying a mini a few years ago (armed with dat and prices from the Liverpool dealer), they wouldn't even quote me a price in the showroom. They said I had to go on line and feed in info.