Saturday, June 23, 2012

Busy day today, so I'm offering you a foto gallery.

So . . . Here's a foto of a couple heading back, I guess, from their wedding on a bike and sidecar. That sentence is a bit ambiguous but I'm sure you'll understand it. And notice that no one is wearing a crash helmet.

And here, looking the other way, is a picture of our new bridge, which opened the other day, on schedule. Well, I say on schedule but this was the revision. All work stopped on the bridge a couple of years ago when some sedulous clerk noticed it didn't have a building permit.

Looking back, here are couple of shots of one of the fancy dress shops in Headingley which cater for students with a lot of time on their hands.

I was going to give you a video of today's big race at Ascot - when the Wonder from Down Under only won by half a nostril - but, after an hour, it was only 60% uploaded and I have to go and eat, drink and jump over a few fires. God bless St. John; San Juan; San Xoán; et al.

So, finally, here are Chica and Owl, outside my usual place in Veggie Square. The latter was put to the test at midday today and I will report the results tomorrow.


Alfred B. Mittington said...

The girl is cute. The bird is still Owlful.

Azra said...

I'm assuming the bridge is in Pontevedra?

Colin said...

@ Alfie. So are your puns. Which should be "a feather which which to tackle the intellect. Not a pistol let off at the ear-hole." As someone once said.

@Azra. Yes, indeed.

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