Saturday, June 02, 2012

Still on the odd names theme . . . I saw a cartoon today in which a priest, standing by the church font, is saying to the parents, with resignation - "'Feral' is an adjective, not a name."

And another cartoon, possibly too close to the truth to be that funny - An adult is asking a 15 year-old boy:- "What do you want to do when you leave school?" To which the lad answers:- "Learn to read and write."

Ah, the good old British health service - the NHS. I had an X-ray on Monday. Albeit only of my toes. They said it would take 2 weeks for the results to filter through to my GP, as the Diamond Jubilee celebrations would slow things down. But I received a call yesterday to tell me they were through already - after only 3 days! - and to ask me to see the GP to discuss them. The earliest appointment, though, is a week away. One step forward, two back. I do hope my toes don't drop off from a fatal condition before then. Perhaps toesilitis. A word from an old, but very funny, joke. Honest.

Gods know why, but I thought today of a English delicacy - the Staffordshire oatcake. Here's a site dedicated to it. And here's a recipe. I wonder how different it is from the Breton crêpe.

Talking of matters culinary . . . Here's Alfie Mittington's latest incursion that world.

Finally . . . "A few years ago, at the height of Spain’s property boom, Spain was pouring more cement in a year than the rest of Europe combined." Oh, how I miss those cement trucks endlessly ploughing(plowing) up and down the hill. And leaving us with a lot of empty properties. An awful lot.


Azra said...

No better time for me to pack up and move in. I'm sure some of those properties could use a few residents. Tell me what's Spain's stance on squatters? ;D

Colin said...

Well, pretty laissez-faire at the moment. There's said to be a wave of squatting taking place. One or two of us might be able to help you.

Azra said...

Haha. In that case, I have some big plans. Thanks for backing me up Colin :)

Colin said...

Hasta pronto! Want a job as well?

Azra said...

A job would be mighty handy Colin. Especially since I like food :) My only concern is the other 40% of the country that's unemployed - would they hate me and beat me to death?

Colin said...

A risk worth taking, I fancy. Especially as the locals can't teach English.

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