Thursday, August 09, 2012

The British prime minister has revealed that a French journalist yesterday challenged him to guarantee that British cyclists had not cheated their way to their many gold medals at the Olympics. Not that this would have made much difference to French attitudes, I suspect. 70% of them are said to believe that British success is 'tainted by cheating'. One wonders what this says about our French cousins. Do they think the dressage ponies are at it as well?

So far, I've identified three countries whose name appears in their own language on the kit of their Olympics competitors – Greece, the Netherlands and Spain. The French probably do as well but the impact is rather lost, as their name is the same in French and English.

According to the Spanish government, there were 676,038 newly built homes for sale at the end of 2011. This was less than 2% down on the end of 2010. Which itself
was nil % down on 2009. Many of these seem to be in my barrio. Anyway, there should be a few bargains there.

I was lying in the garden this afternoon when a blackbird flew over the hedge and landed on the newspaper I was reading. I don't know which of us was more shocked. Anyway, we both survived.

Movistar: Visit no. 5: 10am this morning. Things did not get off to a good start:-
So, Ana. [We are first-name terms by now] Any more problems to report?
Well, that would take a head to toe medical examination.
Err. . OK, let's proceed to the contract.
When are you next in town?
This evening.
OK, call in this evening and we'll finalise the paperwork and I'll give you the keet.[kit. Equals modem]

Movistar: Visit no. 6: 7.00 this evening.
So, where are we?
[Wan smile] Have you got anything else to do in town?
We're still processing it.
I'll stay.
Why don't you sit down?
OK, I think I'll go and get a drink and come back in an hour or so.

Movistar: Visit no. 7: 8.10 this evening.
So . . . ?
Yes, it's done. We've been processing it since 5 and it's only just been completed. We've just got to photocopy the details on the box.
So, will it work when I get home?
It should do. If not tonight, then certainly tomorrow. But call us if you have any problems.
I certainly will!

Have I tested it this evening? Of course not. I've had enough disappointment for one day,

Finally . . . Here's a foto of a nice side window I noticed in a house down in the old quarter. Funny thing is, I've walked past this dozens of times without noticing it until today.


Ferrolano said...

OK, so now it's tomorrow and we want to know about the "keet" - does it work....????

James Atkinson said...

I am not holding my breath. You must have the patience of a saint, but then what are the alternatives,an apopleptic fit perhaps?

Colin said...

Spot on so far!!!

Ferrolano said...

Oh well, I guess that tonight we will get the next installment of the Movistar Escapade.... can't wait!

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