Saturday, September 15, 2012

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I read somewhere today that, if your kids don't call you, you've done a great job. Hmm.

The Faro de Vigo today ran an article on the French magazine publishing fotos of Katherine Middleton, or Catarina as the paper called her. Above the article was a foto of the mag's front page and, in a corner of this, was a poor-resolution smaller foto, labelled Detail. It was, of course, a blow-up of Katherine's breasts and nipples. Totally gratuitous.

Another picture in the paper also caught my eye. It accompanied a tragic story of four deaths on the region's roads on Thursday. The paper almost certainly had the choice of several fotos but the one it went with featured bright red blood, splayed across the road. As they always will here. It reminded me of the foto of the corpse of the American ambassador to Libya I saw a few days ago, as it was being handed down from one group to another.

And on this Muslim rioting, here's an article I liked. As the author said, One can't help but feel that the world would be a better place if the rioters could somehow learn to see the funny side of offensive material – and stop dishing it out themselves. True, of course, but I fancy it could be a hundred years or more before this happens.

Talking of newspapers, this is surely another area for cuts. Here in Galicia alone – pop. 3m - we have, I think, 14 DAILY newspapers, all giving local, national and international news. No one really knows if and how they're viable. But, if they are, it'll in part be because the regional government – the Xunta – subsidises them in one way or another. There are, for example, large Xunta PR ads in both the paper and the on-line editions of the dailies. Then there are the 'ghost subscriptions'. And probably a few other ways of doing it as well.

The latest development with Chirpme is that I'm getting messages from women all over Spain. When I try to get to get to the page where I can stop this nonsense, I get a large array of woman said to live close to Pontevedra. Which I didn't think was true for the Canary Islands. Or Madrid, Malaga or Valencia, for that matter. Anyway, elsewhere I came upon this related article on the de-friending of folk on Facebook.

Talking of desperate women . . . The city of Valencia has opened a school for prostitutes. This may be a first for the world and, if so, it's rather fitting it should happen here in Spain. Where numbers are very disproportionate.

Another new Spanish word – El nick. This is the name you give yourselves when you join anything on the internet. With obvious origins.

Finally . . . A few pix.

My friend-in-fish, Jon, went to the north coast on Thursday and brought back a kilo or two of cigalas. Which are either Dublin Bay prawn or Norwegian lobsters, as you prefer. Here they are, immediately before eating.

And here's a foto of a shop I featured a while ago, because it had the funny name of Go Home. Well, it seems that everyone has.

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Alfred B. Mittington said...

My dear alliterative amigo:

Much as both words are written with an initial C, 'Chirpme' and 'Continues' do not an alliteration make. May I suggest 'Chirpme Checked' or 'Chirpme Choices'?

Your, Alliterative Al.

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