Friday, September 14, 2012

Richard Recovered; More Money Measures; Galician Gripe ; Burying the Bodies; The Chirpme Challenge; Kenneth the Kind; A Feast of Feminines; Car Culmination; Knives Knot for Killing; and The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy from Company B.

So, they think they've found the grave of Richard the Third. Or Richard One Hundred and Eleven, as I once heard him called. Incredibly, they'll now do DNA analysis using a sample from someone thought to be a direct descendant of this much maligned (especially by Shakespeare) king. If so, his hump will disappear from the mythology, to be replaced by a bit of scoliosis. Which left R3 with one shoulder a little higher than the other, rather than a hump the size of Gibraltar sported by Larry Olivier in the celebrated eponymous film. All in all, a fabulous development, posing the question – If it is R3, will he be re-buried in Westminster Abbey? Not that he cares.

A couple more cost-saving measures that are unlikely to be carried out:-
  • Close down all the local TV stations
  • Amalgamate all the regional savings banks across borders and convert the resulting institutions into real banks.
Yet again the weather in Galicia is traduced, this time by the bloody Financial Times:- The drama of contemporary Spain can be told as a tale of two men from rain-swept Galicia on the Atlantic coast. Stage right is Mariano Rajoy, prime minister, who is struggling to spare Spain the indignity of requesting a financial rescue from its European allies. Stage left is Amancio Ortega, founder of the successful Inditex(Zara) fashion group, whose fortune – comfortably in excess of €30bn – makes him Europe’s wealthiest man. I think TurGalicia should sue them for defamation. We could do with more publicity to follow up the great shots of the Galician coast during the Tour de Espagne.

Reader Perry has followed up my recent mention of DIY burials by tracking down more info on the subject. Contrary to popular belief – says one site - it is not a legal requirement that a coffin or casket be used to house a dead body. The only legal stipulation is that 'It is an offence to expose a dead body near a public highway as this would outrage public decency'. I found this interesting but not as much as the assertion that In some traditions, for example that practiced by the Spanish royal family, the soft tissues are permitted to rot over a period of decades, after which the bones are entombed. Lovely Letizia has so little flesh on her bones, this process would only take a couple of months in her case.

Someone who's befriended me on Facebook seems to have locked me into yet another social network called Chirpme. I guess this a play on the word twitter. I'm not sure what the site purports to do but, as it keeps telling me my popularity is 'Very Low', I'd like someone to tell me how to get out of the bloody thing.

I listened to a podcast today which featured responses famous folk had made to members of Joe Public who'd written to them. One of the former was the English actor and comedian, Kenneth Williams. Regarded as difficult and tetchy, he had continued a correspondence with a teenager over several years. Which rather interested me as he'd once taken the trouble to send me a four-page handwritten response to a sketch I'd mailed him during my final year in university. Sadly, it was lost in a fire a few years later. Along with all the fotos of my year in the Seychelles.

I had a delightful dinner last night with four of the teachers I used to 'teach' plus a lawyer. It's pure coincidence they were all women. The bag on the floor contains my owl. Who could be male.

Well, I got my new car today by the skin of its paintwork. The insurance company was due to close at 7 and at 5 to, documents were being faxed back and forth. All's well that ends well, as they say. When it does.

Finally . . . A sight you'd never see in the UK - a shop full of knives of every description. But I've seen even more sharp metal in Toledo shops, including battle-axes, swords and lances. Apparently this doesn't impact on crime here in Spain the way British legislators believe it would in the UK.


Anonymous said...


Zeo probability is a bit on the harsh side. After all, the cajas have changed beyond recognition and more change is coming quickly. Some regions, Valencia, have been left without banks/cajas. Valencia had 3: CAM, Bancaja and Banco de Valencia. CAM and Bancaja don't exist anymore. I think B de V will be closed soon. Galicia had 3, now there is only one left, NCG, which is on the "cuerda floja", but I think, more likely than not, it will disappear.

The government has said it will merge councils but is against the disappearance of the diputaciones. However, the voices for the shut down are getting louder. There is a party (UPyD) which has the closure on its programme. IU is also in favor, I think. And there are voices within the PSOE (Rubalcaba) who want them closed. "Eventually" it will happen.

The foreign representations - a sore issue for me because I have been a direct witness of their uselessnes - are being scrapped. Valencia has essentially lost its own (IVEX). I am sure the Ingape or Igape is on its last throes.

The 3 airports in Galicia will not see the end of the decade. I have heard Galicia voices in favour of leaving just one (Santiago) which to me seems reasonable.


Colin said...

Thanks, Moscow.

You are right, of course. I was exaggerating for effect.

What will happen to Bankía, do you think?

As for the 3 airports here, the current strategy, I think, is to have each one 'specialise' in something, which is just plain daft. But I'd be surprised (and impressed) if two of them were to close by 202l

Anonymous said...


Specialising? What? no planes? Choppers maybe? or Zepelins? perhaps one flying human beings, the other two live stock?..very interesting.

My guess is Santiago will is a toss up between the other two.

I think the TV won't go in Galice although I might be mistaken. It is not the same in other regions. Murcia has closed. The Canary Islanders have closed the 'second' channel. Patxi Lopez has just come out saying the 3 basque channels should be merged into one. And, of course, in Valencia they have laid off half of the workforce of TV9. So, things are happenning.

Anonymous said...

Bankia? Don't know. Anyone's guess. Ought to be shut down, though.

Alfred B. Mittington said...

How about burying that awful owl until its soft tissues have disappeared, you nut?


Colin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Colin said...

What's he/she ever done to you, Alfie?

He/she's a colourful character who adds to my life. Which puts him/her ahead of most folk.

And, as I wish to be treated Spanish style, I wish to be buried with him/her keeping other creatures off
off my rotting flesh.

Colin said...

@Moscow. I think the strategy is to have Santiago do the international flights. Which would actually be a little bit of a shame for me as Vueling do flights from London into Vigo and these would have to go

As for the other two, I guess they would share out domestic flight. La Coruña's, airport, of course, was expanded only recently.

Café para todos, of course. Stuff efficiency.

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