Sunday, September 09, 2012

There's been a little bit of fuss in Spain this week about a lady councillor in a small town whose home movie of her and a young man making out was posted on the internet. It was removed within a few hours but not before 'everyone in the town' had seen it, along with many thousands who had nothing to do with the place. Initially, the lady said she'd resign but then changed her mind 'because of the support of family, friends and colleagues'. In this article from El País, she's pictured getting used to larger cameras. With her clothes on. All strength to her elbow. She should be supported.

As I awoke this morning, I realised I'd missed yesterday's annual Fiesta de Callos (Tripe Festival) in my barrio of Poio. This makes it twelve years out of twelve now. I really must try harder next year. Bust a gut, perhaps.

Talking of words . . . 'Outlet' appears to have entered Spanish as in an El País article this morning, centring on young ladies is summer gear. I would have liked to give you a link but the on-line version of the paper doesn't carry the article.

I don't want to give the impression there's absolutely no construction taking place in Pontevedra. In fact, even though there are hundreds, if not thousands, of empty properties in and around the cty, there is building taking place in what looks like the new barrio of Val de Corvos, on the north east edge of town. However, I understand that the flat-blocks going up are either government-promoted 'protected' dwellings or people-owned cooperative ventures. In the latter case, at least, all the properties are sold before they're built. Val de Corvos, by the way, looks a little bit like a ghost town, with far more roads (and roundabouts!) than the properties merit. Corvo is Galician for 'crow'. So Val de Corvos – Valley of the Crows – is rather appropriate for a ghost town.

On Pontevedra's retail scene, shops continue to close. And a far smaller number continue to open. The nature of the latter surprises me – a 'Chocolate & Strawberry' place, for example. A third frozen yoghurt bar. And yet more 'bags, scarves and accessories' outlets. The recession, though, has put paid to the explosion in kebab houses. In fact, this morning I saw that one of the seven had closed. There may well be more in due course.

Well, Barcelona appears to have conceded EuroVegas to Madrid. All that remains is for the Madrid government to negotiate the final contract or, more likely, to give in to all the demands of the guy behind it. After all, “260,000” jobs are on offer and an awful lot of investment. The project completion date is 2022. Given this is private venture, this date is probably a lot more likely than the 2018 date promised by the Spanish government for the completion of the Madrid-Galicia AVE high speed line. In fact, my bet is EuroVegas is the first to open its doors to customers.

Finally . . . I see Paul McCartney's hair is getting younger, while everything below it is getting older. Lucky guy. Though I guess he can afford to buy his own luck.

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