Friday, November 23, 2012

A few questions, observations and speculations:-
  • Nothing moves more slowly or more noisily than a group of Spanish matrons. For whom the collective term might well be a 'hubbub'.
  • There's a bit of London called the Elephant and Castle. Turns out this name is a corruption of the Infanta of Castile. Which harks back to an Anglo-Spanish wedding of the 16th century.
  • It's always a joy to watch Indian fans appreciating their team playing good cricket. Even if it is against England.
  • Britain, it seems, has won the Davis Cup 9 times. When, for God's sake? The USA has won it 32 times, Australia 28 and Spain 5.
  • As shops in the centre of Pontevedra close, more and more fancy sweet(candy) shops open up. Just how many can the town sustain? I guess the answer depends on whether they're really there just to sell sweets.
  • Cameras have long had a red-eye elimination feature. I wonder how long it'll be before they offer the same thing for a red face. If they don't already.
  • The pigeons of Veggie Square are worse than ever now that the weather's turned cool. In the absence of both idiots who feed them and customers to pester, they're hungry and bolder than ever. And a bloody nuisance if you're the only person there. I'm thinking of an electric cow prod now.
  • Changing Pontevedra: The town's three tanatorios (funeral parlours) have agreed on the construction of a crematorium. This appears to be big news. So presumably there's been some controversy.
  • I mentioned denuncias yesterday. Today I read that the guy who got jailed for the failed military coup d'etat of 1981 has initiated one against the president of Cataluña. For his 'sedition' in promoting secession from Spain. Crazy as the proverbial barrel.
  • Up in Malpica they spent 1.1m euros on a pool and spa facility but it's closed after only a month. Its operating costs were 360k a year - six times more than budgeted. You have to wonder who did the budgeting. The ballet dancer who was on the board of NovaCaixaGalicia?
  • Finally . . . The 27 members of the EU failed to reach agreement on the budget for the next seven years. The attempt of course – over only two days – was pure folly. 27 leaders, all needing to go back home with a 'victory'. No wonder the EU Commissions hate democracy: it's so untidy and slow.


Alfred B. Mittington said...

What? The famous and ferocious plastic owl no longer scares off the pigeons?? Perhaps you should change the batteries??


Colin said...

Oh, ye of little faith. They come at me by land and air. The owl can deal with only one of these at a time. When he does, the quantity of vermin naturally increases elsewhere. Hence the need either for a second owl or something else. The prod would have the advantage of killing them, quite possibly. But others might not like this, even the taurine afficionados. Perhaps if I killed them with a sword. Or even an estocada dagger.

Alfred B. Mittington said...

Or just use poisoned maize

Nothing, after all, is beyond you in your pigeon-hatred...

Colin said...

Too slow. I like to see 'em keel over.

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