Wednesday, October 07, 2015

LIFE in Spain : Iran: Doing things in Spain : & Editing

LIFE IN SPAIN: Fed up of being assailed by the people they fail, the country's driving inspectors have gone on strike. Given Spain's low levels of violence, this is a tad surprising. Unless the problem is confined to certain parts of Andalucia. Where people do occasionally shoot each other.

IRAN: I wonder how many people, looking at its ambitions for regional hegemony, realise just how large its empire was before Alexander the Great destroyed it. As with Putin and Russia, of course. If you see what I mean. One can understand, if not sympathise. The Brits next?

DOING THINGS IN SPAIN: Around 2000, John Hooper asked if the Spanish, in the age of the internet would give up their preference for doing things face to face. I have to say that's not my impression. Others may differ, of course, but I still seem to need more time than I should in solving problems.

FINALLY: Reader Q10 kindly provides me with a free editing service. So it is that that I have to confess it wasn't a cartoon in El Pais which lampooned President Rajoy as catatonic but an article below it.

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