Friday, October 23, 2015

The Spanish economy; The EU; Keynes; RT TV; & Galicia.

THE SPANISH ECONOMY: Here's an FT article on this. Sorry if this can't be accessed by everyone.'

THE EU: Here's an article on the possible disintegration of this institution. Something which some of us have been predicting for quite some time now. The author feels the EU needs urgent fixing before it collapses. But this ship might already have sailed.

KEYNESIAN VIEWS: This great economist "proposed tecnical experts as a new brand of leader, beyond the clutches of traditional political parties, vote buying and tribal loyalties. These were the new objective leaders who would best manage change now that old notions of statecraft were obsolete. He pictured the patrician civilisation that he valued as under threat from a mob that was massing and surging forward to breach the park gates. But economists offered a new statecraft that might prevent peoples, nations, and continents from sliding into mutiny, decline, violence and waste". This, of course, is the anti-democratic EU model and its rationale. So, one wonders what JKM would think If he were still with us and could assess its track record.

RT TV: Hats off to a chap called Ed Hussein, who yesterday refused to be browbeaten by the RT interviewer into accepting their line that the West is the cause of all Syria's problems. Leaving the latter rather flustered, as she isn't used to being disagreed with. Here's EH's pedigree:-

En passant . . . RT has approved of the appointment of Seamus MIlne as Jeremy Corbyn's head of strategy and communication. Normally, this would end his career. But not in these strange times.

FINALLY . . . My neighbour, the lovely Ester, yesterday referred to Galicia as Galifornia, possibly because of the wonderful weather we've had in the last week. Or because we're on the West coast. Ironically, we woke this morning to the Atlantic Blanket. And a lot of rain.

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