Friday, October 23, 2015

The Spanish economy; The EU; Keynes; RT TV; & Galicia.

THE SPANISH ECONOMY: Here's an FT article on this. Sorry if this can't be accessed by everyone.'

THE EU: Here's an article on the possible disintegration of this institution. Something which some of us have been predicting for quite some time now. The author feels the EU needs urgent fixing before it collapses. But this ship might already have sailed.

KEYNESIAN VIEWS: This great economist "proposed tecnical experts as a new brand of leader, beyond the clutches of traditional political parties, vote buying and tribal loyalties. These were the new objective leaders who would best manage change now that old notions of statecraft were obsolete. He pictured the patrician civilisation that he valued as under threat from a mob that was massing and surging forward to breach the park gates. But economists offered a new statecraft that might prevent peoples, nations, and continents from sliding into mutiny, decline, violence and waste". This, of course, is the anti-democratic EU model and its rationale. So, one wonders what JKM would think If he were still with us and could assess its track record.

RT TV: Hats off to a chap called Ed Hussein, who yesterday refused to be browbeaten by the RT interviewer into accepting their line that the West is the cause of all Syria's problems. Leaving the latter rather flustered, as she isn't used to being disagreed with. Here's EH's pedigree:-

En passant . . . RT has approved of the appointment of Seamus MIlne as Jeremy Corbyn's head of strategy and communication. Normally, this would end his career. But not in these strange times.

FINALLY . . . My neighbour, the lovely Ester, yesterday referred to Galicia as Galifornia, possibly because of the wonderful weather we've had in the last week. Or because we're on the West coast. Ironically, we woke this morning to the Atlantic Blanket. And a lot of rain.


Sierra said...

The Telegraph attack dogs are in action:

Q10 said...

Colin, Spanish Economy piece in the FT – Your URL looks like it comes from a smartphone – On a PC I found “Spain : Recovery Position” by Tobias Buck at :-

Says that Sr. Rajoy, two months off a General Election, advocates steady as you go because many economic indicators are moving in the right direction. Strangely optimistic piece – I would have said that Buck had been on the Kool-Aid, but he justifies his arguments well. Maybe he has something - Pontevedra booming yet?

Philippe Legrain’s piece advising fixing the EU – Nice historical summary but he’s clearly an idealistic, academic fool with no experience of life in the fast lane. As you rightly say, the ship’s sailed – About 20yrs ago.

JMK’s advice re. technical experts sounds rather Yes Minister. No, leadership is what’s required, seen any around lately?

Syria’s problems – More like the Middle East’s problems – Relax, Tony Blair has the answer and will solve it soon.

What’s this – Jeremy Corbyn’a appointments? – Perhaps you justify his inclusion by way of light relief, to give us a lift after so much serious stuff – If so you are forgiven.

Sierra said...

Further to yesterday's discussion on European electricity prices, just be grateful you don't live in Denmark:

Into the pigsty of Anglogalician Rode the Six Hundred said...

Media legua, media legua, Media legua ante ellos. Por el valle de la Muerte Cabalgaron los seiscientos. “¡Adelante, Brigada Ligera!” “¡Cargad sobre los cañones!”, dijo. En el valle de la Muerte Cabalgaron los seiscientos. “¡Adelante, Brigada Ligera!” ¿Algún hombre desfallecido? No, aunque los soldados supieran que era un desatino. No estaban allí para replicar. No estaban allí para razonar. No estaban sino para vencer o morir. En el valle de la Muerte cabalgaron los seiscientos. Cañones a su derecha, cañones a su izquierda, cañones ante sí. Descargaron y tronaron. Azotados por balas y metralla, cabalgaron con audacia. Hacia las fauces de la Muerte. Hacia la boca del Infierno cabalgaron los seiscientos. Brillaron sus sables desnudos, destellaron al girar en el aire, para golpear a los artilleros, Cargando contra un ejército que asombró al mundo entero: zambulléndose en el humo de las baterías. Cruzaron las líneas; cosacos y rusos retrocedieron ante el tajo de los sables hechos añicos. Se dispersaron. Entonces regresaron, pero no. No los seiscientos. Cañones a su derecha, cañones a su izquierda. Cañones detrás de sí, descargaron y tronaron; Azotados por balas y metralla, mientras caballo y héroe caían, los que tan bien habían luchado entre las fauces de la Muerte. Volvieron de la boca del Infierno. Todo lo que de ellos quedó, lo que quedó de los seiscientos. ¿Cuándo se marchita su gloria? ¡Oh qué carga tan valiente la suya! Al mundo entero maravillaron. ¡Honrad la carga que hicieron! ¡Honrad a la Brigada Ligera, a los nobles seiscientos!

Es 25 de Octubre y nuestros all blacks están en la final (que ganarán)

Colin Davies said...

Thanks again? Q10. Yes,my laptop is still crocked. So I have to struggle with my new phone and it's tiny bloody keys.

Colin Davies said...

Thanks again, Q10. . .