Wednesday, January 14, 2004

The Association of Brothel Owners [yes, there really is one] is up in arms against the decision of the Andalucian court I cited yesterday. They say that it institutionalises pimping. For their part, the Association of Progressive Women say that it is a small step in the right direction but that they reject the suggestion that the work of prostitutes is analogous to that of [illegal] waiters. The brothel owners also claim that the decision infringes the human rights of the prostitutes to work the way they want to but, so far, the press has not been able to find any prostitute who shares this view. And the Red Queen says that the law is whatever she says it is.

To be honest, it’s not called the Association of Brothel Owners. It’s called the Association of Owners of Places of [Sexual] Contact. Or Locales Alternes, in [unusually brief] Spanish

Nuptials Nonsense: After a contest in Madrid, the official pastry maker has been chosen. His concoction is based on passion fruit, we are told.

Elections Nonsense: The socialist opposition party, the PSOE, have said that they will ensure bi-lingual teaching [Spanish and English] in all state schools if they are elected. Thirty per cent of lessons will be given in English, with the local teachers backed up by a phalanx of native speakers from the UK and USA. In order to achieve this, the school day will be extended. Thus, in one fell swoop, the PSOE has lost the support of one of its most reliable constituencies, the less-than-taxed teaching profession. Brilliant. Especially as no one normally believes electoral promises here.

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