Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I’ve just happened upon a blog entry of June 2003 about a couple of central heating engineers who had been up on my roof, checking why there was no draw in my boiler exhaust pipe. They said they would refer their findings to the main office in Barcelona, who would come back to me. Sixteen months on, and with winter again approaching, I am wondering whether I should give them a prompt.

Does anyone out there know why Spanish TV doesn’t show the score during football matches? The consensus here is that this forces you to keep watching until it’s briefly flashed onto the screen after each 15 minutes. But I regard this as so contemptuous of the viewer that it couldn’t possibly be true. Could it?

As of today, people with a car driving licence can also drive a motorbike up to 125cc without the need for passing any theory or practical test. This is expected to do wonders for the sales of bikes – currently in the doldrums – but rather less for the road traffic statistics. Especially as the current fashion for crash helmets is to wear them with the chin guard across your brow. As if you had a small bee hive on the back of your head.

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