Monday, January 31, 2005

As I have a piano I can’t yet play, I put an ad in the town’s music school for a someone to have a go at teaching me boogie and blues. Then I sat back and waited to be inundated with calls from impecunious students desperate to earn a penny or two. After a week, the grand total of calls is nil. Clearly, I was naïve to think there were any hard-up students in Pontevedra. I had quite overlooked the fact that, as they all live at home, they'll be anything other than eager to work to keep the wolf from the door. And, if one does turn up now, I’ll be less than confident that he or she will stick at it, for exactly the same reason – an absence of hunger. I blame the parents.

Here’s the second list of search items that brought up my blog site; this time it’s those that seem [to me at least] to have nothing to do with Galicia or Spain:-

Top less
Smart car oil cooling lines
Statistic of the day – socialist
American idol nigger contestant 2005
Teenage driver insurance already covered
Mango addiction
Pudding desert
Beach boy steroids

I’m struggling to find the thread that runs through these.

Today’s local paper reports that the ‘antidisturbance’ police were out in force on Friday and Saturday nights, to prevent the sort of violence that marred the previous weekend. The less-than-impressed local residents are reported to have said “You could have fooled us”. Working undercover, obviously.

Of course, there’s a certain irony here – As Tony Blair’s government in the UK is liberalising the licensing hours in the belief that British yobs will immediately give up binge-drinking and turn into sophisticated Continental wine-sippers, the latter are doing their best to convert themselves into British yobs. Further support, I suppose, for the old cynical view that the consequence of every major reform is the exact opposite of that intended.

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