Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Confusion reigned here briefly over the Catholic Church’s attitude to condoms, after some cleric suggested that they were permissible for preventing AIDS. However, the Vatican has now overruled this rash curate and said that chastity and fidelity will do quite nicely. During the short period of confusion and elation, the 83 year old President of the Galician government – limbering up for the 2005 election – pitched for the Catholic vote by insisting that he’s never worn a condom in his life and has no intention of ever doing so. Which must come as a relief to someone.

Already concerned by earlier talk of gay marriages, easier abortion and rapid divorce, the Pope clearly saw this condom nonsense as the last straw and yesterday handed out a tongue-lashing to Spain’s socialist government, accusing them of encouraging a degree of laicism which is disrespectful to the Catholic Church. Perhaps he’d also seen the report suggesting that the number of young people practising the religion has fallen by 50% since only 2000. One can’t help feeling that he’s up against it.

More locally, no sooner do I stress that violence is not a feature of booze drinking in Spain when the riot squad is called out in Pontevedra to sort out warring gangs. The perils of being a topical commentator.

But the good news is that I’ve finally exorcised the ghost of the C. de E. from my blog site. Even Google Spain no longer makes citations. On the other hand, I did have someone hit my blog yesterday while searching for news of Celtic fans in Vigo brothels. Clearly, it takes all sorts.

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