Friday, January 14, 2005

We already have to put our rubbish into 3 separate bins in the street and now the council is giving us one just for cooking oil. Local ‘environment taxes’ have doubled in the last few years and this should be good for another hike. Cynic that I am, I can’t help suspecting that Kyoto has proven very profitable for people with relatives in town halls across the world.

The Spanish and Basque Presidents met yesterday. Their minds didn’t. Both are now talking Armageddon options. The only chink of light appears to be the possibility that, if one or more of the Basque provinces reject secession, then the grand plan will be abandoned. Meanwhile, the government and the opposition are dancing around the option of some sort of coalition to take on the Basque and Catalunian challenges to Spain’s very existence.

My strategy of abbreviating the name of the brothel in Vigo is having limited success. Nothing now comes up in English but the message I wrote in Spanish is still on Google Spain. Perhaps they need another few months to get up to speed.

It seems that moving from the city centre to the suburbs increases your chances of both physical and mental problems. Allegedly there is a direct correlation between illnesses and distance to work and the shops. This just the news the city-centric Spanish wanted to hear. But, if it were true, we would surely all be living in Milton Keynes.

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