Thursday, February 17, 2005

A friend in England has written to say that travel agents are beginning to refer to the Miño area as the new Tuscany. Well, I suppose somewhere has to be, until the next one comes along. Perhaps this will be Galicia after RyanAir and EasyJet have started their flights into Santiago and Vigo in late spring.

Anyway, if those in search of the new Tuscany get a move on, they’ll be able to attend the Lamprey festivals of March and April in the towns along the banks of the said Miño. I've resisted this temptation for four years now, on the advice of Spanish friends who say that the only thing worse than the appearance of this repulsive-looking fish is the flavour of its flesh.

Talking of bad taste, Gerry Adams is in Spain, promoting his book and offering his services to those in search of peace in the Basque country. I rather get the impression that his line that the British army is the largest military gang in Ireland goes down less well here than it does on the East coast of the USA. But then they have terrorists here.

Today was the last day of the EU Constitution campaign, the vote being on Sunday. I’m not saying it was entirely one-sided but living under the German Propaganda Ministry of the 1930s must have been a bit like this. Normally, serious discussions on Spanish TV are as rare as hens’ teeth after 9.30 in the morning but last night there was little else. Except they weren’t discussions, but monologues. I’m sticking my neck out and saying that, despite the barrage of promotion, the turn-out will not be much above 40%. If I’m wrong, I’ll eat a lamprey instead of humble pie.

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