Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Same document – different prism. A member of the government has recommend support for the EU Constitution on the grounds that it embodies all fundamental socialist principles. Meanwhile, a Catalunian politician has demanded rejection as it not only enshrines atavistic, Anglo-Saxon capitalist dogma but will also render Catalunia invisible. All this raises two suspicions – firstly, that no one has ever read the document; and, secondly, that you can make it mean whatever you like. For his part, the President has castigated the opposition party for being insufficiently fulsome in its support of a Yes vote. Now, there’s real criticism for you.

I’m pleased to report that Ellen McArthur made the back page of El Mundo today. And that I have not been assassinated by anyone from Vigo.

I was thrilled today to discover that one of the web sites which links into mine on Galicia [] is that of the Barnsley News. I’m not even going to try to understand why.

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