Monday, March 28, 2005

I’m departing early tomorrow for two weeks in the UK. From there, I shall attempt to cast my jaundiced eye over things Britannic [or at least English] and post regular blogs.

One of the things I will be checking is whether the men’s cosmetics industry there has reached the same advanced point as here, where we are now being assailed by ads for creams that will get shut of the wrinkles round our eyes. Is this the equality that women died for?

I have resisted posting any more examples of searches that have resulted in citations of my blog but I really can’t resist this one:- Good clean brothels in Spain. Twice.

Even less this one:- Tower of Babel seat of the whore of Strasbourg France. I guess that ‘France’ was added at the end so that there wouldn’t be any confusion with all the other seats of the whore of Strasbourg.

I leave you with the news that more and more statues of General Franco [and his horse] are disappearing in the dead of night from plazas around Spain.

Which nicely links into the third bizarre search of the last few months:- Franco’s view of domestic violence in Spain. I guess he was in favour, being responsible for much of it.

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