Saturday, May 28, 2005

Well, I’m home from [near] the sea. It was a memorable day but I’ll say no more now as I’m writing it up. Meanwhile, there are a couple of pictures in the Photo Gallery on the Home Page of my website [colindavies.net].

Back on land, another new experience this afternoon. The woman in front of me at the supermarket check-out thought it would be a great idea if she went to get some cash after she’d had her shopping bagged for her. To add insult to injury, she came back from the cash-point without enough readies and had to make a return journey. So.. did she offer any comment? I leave you to guess. Suffice to say, I wasn’t surprised to later see her husband/partner/lover/chauffeur parked where he shouldn’t have been. That old Spanish individualismo again. Dual in this case.

The place I shop in is converting itself from a Champion supermarket into a Carrefour Hypermarket. Four years’ experience of their consumer relations has amply prepared me for the main consequences. It’s taken 3 weeks longer than the ‘couple of days’ they said it would; the major innovation has been to move the trolley park outside the mall so we all have to walk further to get one; several products lines are no longer available; and stock-outs have reached a new high. If I thought it’d make any difference, I’d complain. Tesco it ain’t. Or even KwikSave. But it’s exceptionally convenient for me as a place to park my car this side of the bridge into town.

Quote of the Day.
Agapistic towards his subject, he is yet capable of appreciating Johnson’s many solecisms, though he is, at worst, only ever subderisorious. The overall effect is one of agreeable concinnity, likely to appeal to all but the analphabetical.

A reviewer of a book on Johnson’s dictionary. Possibly tongue in cheek.


Portorosa said...

Isn't it a lovely bay? Isn't it really beautiful? Unfortunately, it's completely sorrounded by ourselves.
I wonder how long it will take us to spoil that area too (I think we've already begun, with that 'fish-factory' at Cabo Vilán).
I am more and more sure about this: we don't deserve what we have (maybe that's why we're trying to reduce the gap).

Anonymous said...

They(we?) have not only spoiled Cabo Villán, now they are moving on to Cabo Touriñán. This is a unique place, I mean all of it. Where else could so much destruction happen with the public sector´s approval (theh say the mayors are the main industry backers, they support the use of their municipalities as fish farm locals and even act as intermediaries between the city´s big fish and the local land owners (no fish at all).
Unique palce, unique people.