Monday, June 27, 2005

Galician elections latest: The counting of the critical third-world votes got under way at 8am here in Pontevedra. And then promptly stopped, after a third-world type power cut. As of late evening we – and all the national TV crews – are still awaiting the final outcome.

I’ve decided to say ‘Don’t mind me’ every time someone crosses my path or forces me to stop when walking in town. Not many people speak English in Pontevedra but, at the rate at which this happens, everyone in town should be familiar with at least these 3 words within a year or two.

A group of Spanish scientists has apparently developed the first child seat with an integral air cushion. I suppose this makes sense as the beauty of it will be that you won’t have to do anything to activate it. Except crash, of course.

Spain, it seems, has more than 50 per cent of Europe’s forest fires. But the really worrying statistic is that most of these are deliberate. I guess a fire is seen as the quickest route to a ‘change of use’ licence.

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