Saturday, June 04, 2005

My young English friend didn’t get things clarified last Thursday. After days of protesting her infatuation for him, the temptress called just before the meeting she’d demanded to say he should know she just wanted to be friends. He didn’t believe her. And he was wrong. So, he’s even more confused now. Ruminating on the implications, we’ve tentatively concluded that one reason for Spanish women playing these games is that their menfolk don’t look down on women who throw themselves at them. In fact, in a macho culture, they may well demand it.

A remarkable effect of the French and Dutch No decisions is that it’s suddenly fashionable, even in Spain, to make the sort of eurosceptical comments that have been dismissed for years as British nonsense. There can surely be no clearer sign that the EU superstate dream is effectively dead, though it may a while for the Euro-elite to fully grasp this. Meanwhile, one article in the Spanish press this week bemoaned the fact that none of the leaders of the larger members was fit to lead Europe out of this crisis. So, step forward Mr ‘Bambi’ Zapatero, it suggested. On second thoughts, this must be an even clearer sign that that the EU is moribund.

I had my first automated telesales message today. I was disappointed not to be able to reply that No they couldn’t talk to ‘SeƱor Colin’ as he had just died. Actually, someone pointed out to me recently that, if I take this approach next time the phone company calls me about an ADSL connection, they’ll probably cut off my line. Food for thought.

Quote of the Day
De Villepin has become prime minister [of France] just as the electorate has indicated its firm displeasure with the political elite, yet there is possibly no greater exponent of elitist government than this vainglorious strutter.

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great stuff colin as always

sounds like a colourful time in galicia. a coquettish, spanish temptress? I'd have thought this will be affording you a few more 'saucy' diverts from google?