Wednesday, June 22, 2005

There are suggestions of irregularities around the emigrant votes cast in the Galician elections in one or two South American countries. No great surprise there, I guess, but we still await the final count. Meanwhile, the tone of “Don Manuel’s” comments is reported to have become “less triumphalist”. It’s only taken 50 years.

Just picking up on yesterday’s dubbing theme …. Possibly even more irritating than the use of the same few voices in every film is the dubbing [by the same bloody voices!] of the actresses used in TV ads, even though they’re clearly speaking Spanish. The actresses are chosen, of course, for their beauty but I suppose the dubbers’ voices are preferred because they’re comfortably familiar. They could hardly be anything else! Strangest of all is the dubbing into Galician of every Spanish language film or soap opera on the local channel, even though there can hardly be anyone in Galicia who doesn’t understand Spanish. Not surprisingly, a local paper last week featured the burgeoning Galician dubbing industry. I suppose we can expect a lot more when the nationalists get one hand on the reins of power. Not the best time, perhaps, to propose a debate on whether Gallego is a real, discrete language or just a dialect of Spanish. Or, worse, Portuguese.

I wonder if English films are dubbed on Welsh TV.

I was hit 3 times today by fellow pedestrians lacking any peripheral awareness. These were:- a female pocket-battleship emerging from a shop doorway; the second of two nuns I’d had to slalom past; and a woman who walked across me so closely that my foot caught her heel. The first lady apologised. The nun said nothing but possibly uttered a silent prayer for forgiveness. And the last lady swore as if it were my fault. A pretty normal day, then.

It’s been sunny and very hot for several weeks now but officially summer only began yesterday. What this means – in this informal/formal country – is that we men can now wear shorts in town without being looked at askance for getting ahead of ourselves. Needless to say, this restriction doesn’t apply to women. Especially as what they wear here seems specifically designed to get them looked at. It certainly works with me.

Anyone planning a visit to Ourense should know that there’s a 50 kilo, 4 metre python on the loose up there. Probably quite hungry by now.

Stop press: The latest hit to this blog has come from someone looking for NAKED PICTURES OF FARIA ALAM. I don’t know why I bother.

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Rhys Wynne said...

No, English language films are not dubbed into Welsh although Welsh language films are subtitled into English.

I'm no expert on languages but I think Galician is more similar to Portugees[?] than Spanish.