Thursday, June 09, 2005

Well, as some of you will have discovered, my memory wasn’t playing tricks on me. There’s no word for ‘truth’ in Indonesian. The concept simply doesn’t exist. Nor, I've just discovered, is there a word for ‘dishonest’. But, in a place where 6 of the 7 words for Yes mean No, I guess this should come as no surprise.

My thanks to the Spanish soccer team for endorsing the point I made about them 2 days ago by drawing 1-1 with lowly Bosnia last night.

Back at the hustings, Mr Fraga has dismissed concerns about his ability to survive another 5 years in office and assured us that he’s like a bull. I assume he meant more than in what he says. Shades, perhaps, of Mr five-times-a-night Blair on the eve of the recent UK general elections.

Which reminds me - ex President Clinton has visited the Spanish royal family and given his congratulations to the lovely Leticia on her pregnancy. So she got off lightly, then.

A married couple in southern Spain have both been jailed after an argument which started in bed ended with each of them causing grievous bodily harm to the other. One hopes they haven’t been put in the same cell.

Quotes of the Day

Britain’s biggest export is now, of course, bad taste.

Dr Theodore Dalrymple, a somewhat caustic commentator on life in Britain today

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