Friday, August 19, 2005

Here’s the sort of headline you don’t see often enough – Thirty young people suffer stings when someone urinates on a wasp’s nest. Kids!

I guess it had to happen but I see we now have spam blog-posts. I noticed my first on my friend Manoel’s site 2 days ago and last night I had five. If you’ve not yet seen them, this is the sort of illiterate nonsense to look out for…. Hey, you have a cracking blog here! I will certainly return for another look! I have a low cholesterol diet site. It well-nigh reports all about that tallies low cholesterol diet topics. If you give the chance, your are welcome to come and check it out.

The inhabitants of a local village are in despair after all attempts to stop wild boars ravaging their crops consummately failed. Preventative measures are said to have included loud music and, would you believe, ‘hair from the hairdressers’. But not guns or pits with pointed sticks in them. Maybe this is where they’re going wrong.

I live in a 4 story town house, as does nice-but-noisy Tony and his family next door. One major difference between us is that I haven’t invented a game that involves me bawling from the attic to my kids in the basement and them screaming back to me when I occasionally stop to draw breath. Roll on the next tanker trip.

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