Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The World Youth Festival in Cologne last week has been criticised for being less well organised than the previous event in Rome. So, the Germans are becoming less efficient and the Italians less inefficient. What was I saying about ‘convergence’? We’ll all be Stepford Europeans soon.

Pontevedra’s main square is pleasant enough but, in truth, doesn’t compare with Spain’s finest. It does have some nice gardens adjacent to it, though these may now be under threat. With this year’s major fiesta just over, the town council has said the square really needs to be ‘reshaped’ so that it can accommodate bigger concerts and ‘spectaculars’. Very Spanish.

By some way, China continues to be the favourite source of foreign babies adopted by Spanish couples, followed by Russia, the Ukraine, Colombia and Ethiopia. I still don’t know why Ethiopia rates so highly and continue to suspect there must be a Spanish religious order operating there.

I had just under 100 hits to my blog on Friday. This was initially rather gratifying but then I had visions of a computer or two trying repeatedly to post specious comments but coming up against the filter I’ve now installed. A low hit rate over the weekend lent weight to this fear but I’m pleased to say things are now back to normal. It’s a roller-coaster business this blogging. As if anyone but me was really interested.

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