Saturday, September 17, 2005

20% of Galician drivers are reported to have said they completely ignore road signs when driving in places they’re familiar with. And 30% of Galician drivers believe there should be more road signs. One assumes – though without great conviction – that these are different people.

Someone in the town hall must have a relative who manufactures speed bumps. They are appearing like a rash on the city’s skin. Made of rubber and bolted into the tarmac, they stop a few inches before the kerb, leaving an inviting gap at either end. From personal observation, my guess is 90% of the town’s drivers try to get at least 2 wheels into this gulley each time they go over a bump. Of course, if it only covers half of the road, they keep all 4 wheels off by slaloming past it. Sometimes even when there’s a car [e.g. mine] coming the other way.

Astonishingly, Galicia’s medical specialists are reported to have the highest salaries in Spain. Even more surprising is that Catalunia’s have the lowest. But the list of supplementary productivity payments [whatever they are] reverses this order. Can this really mean Galicia’s specialists are the richest but laziest in the country? I must ask around.

And finally, yet another comment on prostitution, upon which there was an interesting comment posted yesterday. Up in LalĂ­n, the police chief and a town councillor have been arrested for involvement in this activity. This leaves me more confused than ever as to the legality or otherwise of this ancient profession. I’m advised that prostitution itself [as in the UK] is legal, so I’m left wondering whether these local dignitaries [or undignified locals] weren’t involved in the crime of bringing in illegal immigrants. Doubtless I’ll soon be made wiser and sadder by the Galician press.

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