Saturday, September 10, 2005

Thanks to a vampire-worshipping young Portuguese lady, I finally got to talk to one of Pontevedra’s real characters today. This is Rafael Pintos, better known locally as DraculĂ­n, or Little Dracula. Sr. Pintos and I pass each other most days as he is walking into town and I am walking out. Or vice versa. He is exceptionally well-dressed. Nearly always with a cane and, in winter, often swathed in a red-lined cape. If you’re interested, there’s more information on his persona and life-style on the web, of course.

Talking of web enquiries, Google directed the following searches to my blog site today:-
Brussels Brothels
Armoured Audi A8
Sinking German art no. 3 of Camarinas

This has added to my suspicion that Google is no longer the organisation it once was. I have an avowedly non-commercial web site on Galicia [] and this used to figure very high on relevant searches. Now it comes way after pages of some very odd commercial sites. Does anyone have a view on what’s going on?

Of course, whenever bloody Faria Alam is mentioned in the UK press, I get the usual batch of sad men looking for nude pictures. This entry will naturally ensure that I get even more!

My younger daughter, Hannah, started at teacher training college in the UK this week. Her registration is being delayed because she hasn’t yet received clearance from the Criminal Records Bureau, despite several months of waiting. I wonder what the odds are on a 23 year old female being a paedophile. Tabloid-generated madness.

I was amused to read the British captain who brought the news of Trafalgar back to London in record time had to lay out £46.96 of his own money, equivalent to half a year's pay. After delivering the letter, he retired to compose another equally important document - his expenses. What a hero.

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