Monday, February 27, 2006

Not by any means for the first time this winter, I woke to a glorious blue sky and a bright yellow sun while the radio was telling me Galicia was one of the 12 regions facing severe weather today. In the event, the worst we experienced was merely the sight of snow on the caps of the more distant mountains. I love the Atlantic when it’s benign. But not, of course, when it’s depositing itself on us for days at a time.

The BBC’s successful ballroom dancing program has been emulated around the world. Here in Spain it’s called ‘Look who’s dancing’ and features – charitably speaking – a range of celebrity performers. Despite [because of?] this, it’s very successful. And since Spanish TV directors feel you can’t get too much of a good [more often, very bad] thing, as soon as one series finishes, the next begins. Or putting this another way, it’s on every week. The big difference between our version and the original is in the ratio of talking to dancing. But I will leave you to decide in which country the lips of ageing divas move a great deal more than their legs.

The ‘Y’ sound is quite common in Spanish, most notably in the modern pronunciation of the double ‘L’. So ‘pollo’ is ‘poyo’. So I wonder why the backing group in ‘Look who’s dancing’ tonight felt obliged to give us ‘Jew make me feel like a natural woman’. Jaw guess is as good as mine.

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gabriel said...

Spanish pronounciation of English IS somewhat of a mystery. You mention the "y" sound, and then there's the inversion of the long "e" and short "i" sounds, as in: "I stepped on dog sheet" but "slept on clean shits." Go figure.

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