Saturday, March 11, 2006

I have two dogs – Ryan, my border collie from the UK; and Litteldog, a small terrier-like thing who was abandoned in the forest and, as a result, eats as if she’s on the point of being starved to death. I am not very sentimental about their feeding needs and so buy the cheapest dry food available. As I was doing so in the supermarket tonight, I was rather surprised to be approached by a young lady with a free bag of a new premium-priced product and a feeding bowl. I pondered briefly about telling her that, in view of the low-price product in my trolley, this didn’t seem like a bright marketing strategy. But then I just thanked her and took the freebies. Sometimes the lack of acute commercial instincts can play to one’s advantage in Spain. The dogs may get crap food but at least they now have a lovely bowl to lick dry.

Quotes of the week

Civil partnerships are intended for homosexuals but, of course, the tax authorities can’t insist the partners actually have sex. This means anyone can form a civil partnership with any unmarried person of the same sex, so long as he/she is not a close blood relation. So the smart thing to do if, for example, you are a widow and know you are dying, is to have a civil partnership with the woman who is engaged to marry your so and leave her everything tax-free.
An article on the workings of the UK inheritance tax

Is not the worthlessness of what we do the secret fear that unites all scribblers?
Some writer or other.

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