Sunday, March 26, 2006

I suppose it’s a price worth paying but the one big negative about the recent ETA ceasefire announcement is it provides the Spanish press with more opportunities to show the grinning face of Gerry Adams. He’ll be getting the Nobel Peace Prize next.

So the EU Commission is demanding that France and Spain stop being nationalistic about their energy companies and participate in the development of a Common Energy Policy. Well, far be it for me to take the side of France in this spat but, when you consider the consequences of the Common Agricultural and Common Fish Policies, you begin to feel a twinge of sympathy. Perhaps the best answer is just to stop the French buying British companies. What is French for ‘gander’?

Another noise story this weekend - The mayor of the nearby town of Tui is in the dock, facing the charge brought by a group of residents of allowing an excessive number of bars to be set up in the old quarter. What is happening to this country? Does it no longer want to be ‘different’?

Finally – and still on noise - a message for Acedre, who reads English but writes Gallego/Galego – Graciñas polo teu email. Home, no necesitas ir a Finlandia para atopar xente falando baixiño. So tes que cruzar o Minho para comer ou xantar en Portugal.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo, Colin, for your use of Galego. Keep on doing it. Practice makes perfect, although I must say that what you wrote is well written indeed. Grazas.