Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Well, we made it to 20,000 hits in a fraction over 18 months. So, my warmest thanks to all my readers, whether you intended to land here or not. And if you're looking for, say, 'brothels in wallasey', you probably didn't. Which reminds me, long-established readers will surely be interested to know that the infamous C d E in Vigo now calls itself just La C. The rest of you will merely be confused. For the curious [or inadequate], it also has its own web site.

It seems global warming is giving a miss to this part of the world. The temperature at 7 this morning was a mere 4 degrees. But at least the sun is shining. Though I hear this is true of Galicia again this week, after 15 days of cloud and rain. Incidentally, such arctic temperatures appear to have no effect on the hardy British youth. I've seen several of them on the streets in summer gear. Even a T-shirt and shorts yesterday.

Such is the crazy state of British commerce, a semi-literate couple like Wayne Rooney and his girlfriend can make 10 million pounds [15 million euros] in a little over 6 months. He's signed a 5-million book deal, though it's yet to be proven that he can speak English, never mind write it. And she's been given 5 million for product endorsements on the back of fame arising from being his girlfriend. O tempus, o mores. No wonder I think Spain is far more sane than Britain.

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hellomelissa said...

i clicked as many times as i sat down at the computer for a few days there. sorry it didn't quite get you to 20000 by your goal date! have a lovely stay in the uk, i am looking forward to my first trip there-- to the west country-- in a month.