Monday, May 22, 2006

A total of 19 companies have been accused of raking off 10 million euros via false invoices to a failed theme park venture near Valencia. And here in Galicia several members of the Lugo city council have been charged with taking 10% kickbacks on all public works. The distressing thing is that so much of this goes on here. The encouraging thing is that at least some of the perpetrators get caught and punished.

Down along the coast they’re testing out houses made from balls of straw that have allegedly been a success in even wetter Ireland. Unfortunately, yesterday’s prototypes were blown down in some unseasonal winds but another attempt is to be made shortly. Let’s hope they don’t get a visit from the wolf which has been killing sheep up in the hills. Otherwise it’ll be on to sticks.

For those who’ve missed his post, Alexsu has written – in almost perfect English, I must say – to accuse me of being an ignorant, lying, Francoist with a poor grasp of history who clings to his British colonialist past. An interesting combination. Sadly, the only additional thing I know about him is that he doesn’t live in the USA, though he still hasn’t told me where he does live. He also suggests I have a library of Francoist books, that my readers are drones [especially my compatriot Lenox, I guess] and that I clearly hate the Basques. Well, the truth is I only know one Basque well and regard him highly. But, if Alexsu were truly representative of the Basque people, it would hardly be surprising if I had a poor opinion of them. Given his mindset, we can only be grateful that ETA don’t have suicide bombers in their ranks as he’d surely be a prime candidate. Hitler, too, thought that everyone who disagreed with him was an imbecile. Needless, to say, Aleksu hasn’t answered my question about parts of Euskadi being allowed to secede. So we’re left wondering whether he’d just shoot anyone who dared even raise the issue. Is there any hope that Aleksu will now do himself a favour and stop reading my blog? Actually, I hope not. I’d really miss his brand of reasoned rhetoric. It takes me back to the fervent, blind communism of my 16 year old stepson.

Finally, a weekend quote to restore sanity…..
Eurovision makes one long for war - New Zealand humorist, Joe Bennett


hellomelissa said...

there was a great post on 'spirit fingers' blog about eurovision... i laughed until i cried!

Aleksu said...

Colin, you don' have to worry about me going away, as long as one of the blog trackers informs me that you are publishing something against the Basque people, I will be around.

Boy, are you obsessed with my place of residence or what?

I'm a Basque, does it really matter where do I live?

Fine, I live in New Zealand, happy now?

Regarding your question about allowing parts of the Basque Coutry to secede, just in case you do not know, that is a right enshrined by the UN's charter.

But why should we worry about that now?

First the Basque Country gets independence, that is step one.

Someone wants independence from the Basques Country, that would be step two.

But the truth is, the question you ask is a question every single Partido Popular big wig has asked before you.


For a couple hundred years now, Spain has been displacing Basque communities within the Basque Country and replacing those Basques with Spaniards, such strategy is a colonialist set up to weaken local resistance.

You should know about it, that is how England got to dominate Scotland, Wales and Ireland. To prove my point, there you have Northern Ireland, an English outpost inserted in another country thanks to some shody religious precepts.

Such thing was also the genocidal campaigns by England in today's USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Kill the local population, replace it with colonizers and voila, you got yourself a country that will do what you want them to do.

So, what you are echoing here is a demand by the Partido Popular for the Basque province of Araba to secede from Euskal Herria.

If you were not so ignorant about Basque history, you would know that the Partido Popular's outspring known as Union Arabesa lost its only seat in the Basque congress during the last elections, and that the youth from Araba feels as Basque as any other Basques.

But like I said, how there you or the members of the Partido Popular demand for any parts of the Basque Country to break away if you and them do not respect the right of the Basque people to their own determination.

One last thing, don't throw the Hitler thing at me, you can go ahead and call me Churchill if you want, after all, the fat little idiots was as much of a genocidal maniac as Hitler, just remember what he did in today's Iraq, and how he ordered the bombing of innocent civilians with biological weapons.