Sunday, July 02, 2006

Yesterday saw not only the introduction of the new points-based driving licence but also a ‘drastic reduction in speeding and drink-driving’. I guess this was to be expected, at least as an initial response to the much increased possibility of a jail sentence.

A leading Galician politician has said there can be no reason why the region’s new constitution shouldn’t be as good as any other. Meaning that of Catalunia, I suppose. This piecemeal approach to reform rather contrasts with that in Germany, where the relationship between the central government and all the regions is currently being negotiated in the round. I can’t help feeling this is a less time-consuming and divisive approach.

If I were to guess, Id say the most frequently used word which brings searches to my blog is ‘life’. Does this mean there really are untold numbers of people out there wondering about the purpose of life and calling on Google – rather than a priest – to give them an inkling of understanding?

Sadly, the second most common word is probably ‘brothel’.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Colin, looks like the britglodytes were eliminated from the World Cup. Even worse... Much worse... the froglodytes eliminated Brazil that same day. And what a match!

It has to hurt eh?

Don't worry, I suspect both the french and the germans will be in the final. And yes, I know what your sordid fantasy is: "the french will automatically drop their rifles and surrender on minute 6".

Or scenario #2: was the final Italy vs France, "they would surrender to each other on minute 1. The referee is of course the champion" ;)

Aaaah, you wish your anglo saxon "fantasies" come true...

Duardón de Albaredo

about to visit me dear Galicia again. Mountains of Lugo, Navia de Suarna, here I come!