Wednesday, August 16, 2006

18.50: Second post of the day.

Well, it was good of God to send the rain but He didn’t have to turn August into October. If there’s no post tomorrow, it’s because I’ve got pneumonia.

One of the odder consequences of the fires is the graphical confirmation of just how much fly-tipping goes on in the mountains. One report noted the piles of rubbish and rubble nearly always have a bidet on the top.

The Rolling Stones have cancelled all their imminent concerts in Spain because of Mick Jagger’s laryngitis. Picking up on the suggestion that this week’s photos from Havana have been rather doctored, a nice cartoon in one of today’s national papers suggests a sprightly Fidel Castro will be taking his place.

And talking of entertainment, I see the BBC program Little Britain in coming to Spain. God knows what they’ll make of it, especially as it will certainly be dubbed. I fear a significant percentage of the population will think it’s a documentary.

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