Tuesday, August 15, 2006

19.15: Second post of the day

Hits to my blog rose significantly during Galicia's 10 days of torment by fire. But nowhere near as much as when I commented on the nude pictures of a dying Princess Diana in a Spanish magazine. So, perhaps I should invent a story about her naked corpse being found in the ash-filled ruins of a house somewhere in the wilds of Galicia. One thing’s for sure – the Daily Express in Britain would certainly run with it. And Mr Fayed would probably become my best friend. So, on second thoughts . . .

As the fire menace finally recedes and we await the rains which are at least 9 days late, more and more space is naturally being given to more sober analysis than has been the norm [except here, of course!] over the last ten days. What is really surprising is to read that the fires were as bad, or even worse, in 1978, 1981 and 1989 And what is depressing to read is that nothing was done to improve land management after these disasters. Can anyone be confident that things will be different this time?

On a lighter note - It’s been a while since I reported any Spanglish. So here’s something that foxed me for a few seconds:- Estripitís - Striptease

And at last some good news about road deaths in Galicia! So far this August, they’ve fallen by 43% over last year.

And, while, I’m being positive – Another of my informal surveys on the bridge into town suggests only a small percentage of Spanish drivers still decline to wear safety belts in the car. At least in the front seats. It’s as if the increased penalties have given them a legitimate excuse to stop being ‘individualistic’. I guess everything has its price.

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Anonymous said...

"Can anyone be confident that things will be different this time?"

I am confident that things will be the same this time. ;) Just as things will probably be the same when we suffer the next oil spill.