Monday, September 25, 2006

Endorsed by his successor in the People’s Party. The ex-President, Mr Aznar, has said it’s about time the Muslims did a bit of apologising, e. g. for invading Spain and staying on, unwanted, for 800 years. Not exactly guaranteed to ease tensions but probably needed saying.

I occasionally refer to the several pages of small ads for male and female prostitutes at the back of most local and national newspapers. And I’ve described these as rather graphic. Here’s the text from one I saw today – “Lina. I am mature and an expert with beginners. Come and learn with me”. It may be unfair but this seems to me to be in line with the Spanish view that it’s much better to have whores around for, amongst others, young men to practice on in preference to them fumbling with your teenage daughter.

Today I had possibly the best example yet of the Spanish ability to be completely unaware of the presence of others on this planet. Taking my midday tiffin, I got a paper from the rack, put it on the bar counter next to my glass of wine and sat down to read it. Not seeing my glasses where I’d left them, I stood up to check whether they were on the floor. The man next to me – who was reading his own paper and munching on a sandwich – stuck out his left arm without taking his eyes from his own paper and put mine to the right of it. He apologised, of course, and may well have given a good excuse for this rudeness but, as his mouth was full of bread, I couldn’t tell.

Thanks to a dry summer, Galicia’s 2006 Albariño wine will be one of the best ever. The one to try is Castro Martín, available from Bebendum in the UK. OK, it’s made by friends of mine but it really is superb.

Spanish Humour Section

A cartoon in one of yesterday’s national papers had a mother and daughter talking to each other . . .
Daughter: God the Father is a man, the Son of God is a man and the Holy Ghost is probably not a woman.
Mother: So, what does that show?
Daughter: That religion is macho, sexist and written by men
Mother: Will the day ever come when the Pope is a woman?
Daughter: Before that there will have to be a female altar boy.

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