Saturday, September 30, 2006

It didn’t take long for the Catholic church to fulfil the prophecy I ventured the other day. Yesterday it announced it’s going to ‘faithfulise’ members so they remember to tick the box which hands over a small proportion of their tax. This, by the way, is my translation of a word [fidelizar] which doesn’t appear either in my dictionary or an internet search. It seems to be an extension of the marketing term fidelizaci√≥n, which means [customer] loyalty

Referring back to the article on the British genetic make up, another major point made by the writer was that the Celts who reached the British Isles came not from central Europe but from France. This was after migration from Anatolia along the north coast of the Mediterranean and into Spain and France. He also refutes the view there was a strong Celtic culture in England when the Romans arrived. It’s much more likely, he says, the country had already been colonised by various Germanic tribes from northern Europe, particularly the Belgae. Bloody ‘ell. Now we’re not just Basque but Belgian as well!

There was a letter in the Voz de Galicia yesterday, expressing outrage at what the writer said had been an attempt to praise the eucalyptus tree. An interesting point made was that amongst its evils is foliage so sparse it denies nesting places for birds and cover for small animals. For this reason, the writer said, forests of eucalyptus are eerily quiet places. This certainly fits with my experience of only ever seeing the occasional squirrel.

As it’s the last day in September, here’s a list of the strangest search terms which brought people to this blog in the last month. I do hope some of them stayed, even those looking for brothels, puti clubs or prostitutes in Spain, Galicia, Vigo, Wallasey, etc. etc. That said, I doubt I’d miss the departure of whoever it was looking for animal brothels in Europe. The amazing thing about this one was that there were 349,000 citations and he [I guess] had to trawl through 17 of these to get to the [very erroneous] mention of my blog:-

hand gestures in Galicia, Spain
stripped off their tops
Spanish men infidelity
love thoughts in Spanish
blond basques in northern Spain
goat tower Galicia
who were the first divorced couple in galicia spain?
legal intragastric balloon
female groins

And, of course:-
nude pics of faria alam

But my favourite was:-
pictures of ryan giggs chest

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