Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Catholic Church in Spain has issued a controversial document to its priests, entitled Moral Stances on the Situation in Spain. This apparently pronounces on the issue of whether the unity of Spain is a ‘moral good’. Needless to say, it has upset people from both sides of the divide. I wasn’t surprised to read the document had been seen as controversial even within the Church and had been ‘born with some difficulty and only with the aid of forceps”.

It was good to read that a mayor had been imprisoned for 18 months for failing to respond to resident complaints about the appalling noise to which they were constantly subjected. True, this came from a porcelain factory and not from nocturnal revellers but it’s a start.

I was approached by a young lady in the street today, addressing a question to me. It took me a second or two to realise this was not yet another request for directions but a query about whether I have access to cable in my house. I’m used to getting regular telemarketing calls – most of them asking to speak to the ‘housewife of the house’ - but this sales tactic was a new one to me. Not the last time, I fear. It’ll be bloody timeshares next.

Reading an account of a 16th century voyage across the Bay of Mexico, I came across the word ‘disbogging’. Anyone got any ideas?

Galicia Facts

Galicia is rich in rock art petroglyphs. But not as rich as it was. Sadly, many of these were destroyed by the fires and floods of the last few months

A nice comment on the incessant rain of the last 10 days – A cartoon in one of our local papers today showed a salesman trying to interest a young man in a sports model . .
It goes from 0 to 100kph in 4 seconds.
Yes, but can it float?

Still on cars - Galicia, it turns out, is the Mecca of expensive customising, or ‘tuning’ as it’s called here. If you want to see some examples, go to my blog of 18 Nov. or to this link.


Anonymous said...

Bogging in the dictionary states: transitive verb - to cause to sink into or as if into a bog.
Intransitive verb - to become impeded or stuck.
From that I guess disbogging means to become unsinkable or unstuck.
Eamon La Coruña

Anonymous said...

The word also appears here:

"Item at the head of Glen-koen is Dowlochen, twa or thrie small lochis disbogging for the space of thrie myls of bownds, a myle thence eastward is Loch Eiach thrie myle long with wood."

However the context is completely different.