Saturday, January 27, 2007

Eh? The Public Prosecutor is seeking to fine an actor for ‘insults against Spain’. It considers he committed this crime when ‘referring to the unity of Spain in scatological* terms’. Is this another law left over from the Franco era, I ask myself.

* Obscenity, especially words referring to excrement

Local elections are due in 4 months. Cynics say this accounts for the fierce competition between El Pais [‘mouthpiece of the left-wing PSOE’] and El Mundo [‘mouthpiece of the right-wing PP’] to establish which party has the most corrupt mayors. Given the number of these throughout the country, it’s a hell of a challenge and I couldn’t begin to say who’s winning. But I will venture the opinion the campaigns won’t change anyone’s political affiliations.

Talking of these [excellent] national papers, what a coincidence that yesterday both of them announced the ‘totally exclusive’ availability of videos of Primera League football matches. At least they can agree on something.

Galicia Facts

On the theme of the week, we’re told Galicia has the second-highest rate of unoccupied properties of all the Spanish regions.

And on the theme of imminent local elections, the Voz de Galicia [also excellent] has pointed out it’s around this time we get forecasts from the party in power of the availability of the high speed train [the AVE] which later turn out to have been ridiculously optimistic. It adds this project is currently moving at the speed of a snail and the earliest Vigo residents will be able to go direct to Madrid will be 2013. The original forecast was 2006, I believe.

From the start of the next school year, pupils at our schools will all be taught English from the age of 6, as opposed to 8 at the moment. This is impressive but one wonders where all the extra teachers will come from. As of now, the relevant ministry says, only 3% of Galicians are fluent in a language which ‘sounds like Chinese’ to 65% of them. I wonder where these 90,000 linguists are hiding. Perhaps they’re all teachers of English overstating their capabilities.

Saturday Humour Corner

A Galician friend has a father, Benito, who’s none too bright and prone to throwing out amusing questions and reflections. So, here are the first of what I hope will be many Sayings of Benito:-

- [Watching the funeral of Carlo Ponti] That Sophia Loren. Is she Italian?

- Sea-lions and kangaroos – they look very similar, don’t they?

Finally, a sign of the times - Air passengers watching the film The Queen this week were surprised by the number of expletives bleeped out. This, it turned out, was because a censor had obliterated the word "God" each time it occurred. Even in the phrase, "God bless you, Ma'am."

Footnote: This is today's post, much earlier than usual. Yesterday's was also posted earlier than usual and you might want to check you haven't missed it.


Anonymous said...

kan je alles in het Nederlands schijven Bedankt


Colin said...

Thanks, Chantal. Can anyone do me the favour of translating this? It's single Dutch to me.

Llionesin said...

I love it when people change the language which everyone is using, and seem to understand, for other who the major do not!
I wonder who this person wants to come across....

trevor said...

If she could spell it would say, "Can you write everything in Dutch, thanks."

Fat chance of getting English teachers when the most important requirement is that they speak Galician.