Wednesday, July 04, 2007

To be a full-blooded Nationalist party, you must pursue two fundamental goals:- 1. Secession from an ‘imperial’ etc. state, and 2. Suppression of an oppressor’s language. If you’re not committed to either of these aims, there’s no real point to your existence. And, if you embrace only the latter, you can only be a ‘nationalist’ [or, say, ‘Galicianist’] party. So . . . In Scotland, the [‘Nationalist’] SNP must concentrate on independence as things have gone too far with English for them to have any chance of suppression. In contrast, here in Galicia, the [‘nationalist] BNG gave up on independence a decade or more ago and so is compelled to concentrate on language. Take this away and they’re just another loose federation of unelectable Leftists, ranging all the way down to Trotskyites. It’s no great surprise, then, to see even some socialists are finding the BNG drive to suppress Spanish too much to take. As one PSOE party member put it at the start of a letter in El Pais yesterday – Under Franco, the law on language normalisation was an idiocy mitigated by non-compliance. Today, we have a law on language normalisation which is an anti-democratic stupidity aspiring to compliance. Which is my big beef with the BNG. And with the PSOE party for letting them get away with it. But perhaps the tide is turning. This is not, by the way, a cue for all those ‘Nationalists’ who weren’t even born then to write to tell me just how bad things were in Galicia [or Catalunia or the Basque Country] between 1939 and 1976. Even if they’re right, it’s irrelevant now. Revanchist attitudes have no place in a democracy.

On a lighter note, I’m indebted to reader David Carr for the citation of a web portal which allows me to randomly hit humorous sites. I will try to avoid the temptation to post those which really amuse me, so this is my first and last. It will appeal to those who have no great affection for MSN or Norton.

Oh alright, here’s the best extract from a list of court exchanges I saw yesterday:-
Lawyer: "Have you lived in this town all your life?"
Witness: "Not yet."

Having spent 30 years flying around the world – starting when it was almost a pleasure – I now eschew it like the plague. As of the end of this year, I’ll be giving it up altogether. For it’s from then that airlines will allow passengers to use mobile phones. I imagine it will actually be compulsory on Iberia and Click.

If you’d like an analysis which shows just how much the new EU ‘Treaty’ is like the rejected ‘Constitution’, try this.

Logic demands the UK Labour party now delivers the referendum they promised on this development. But, of course, it won’t as defeat is virtually certain. As one commentator put it:- What is really disappointing about Mr Brown's constitutional proposals is that they simply do not address the two most pressing issues facing the country. The Prime Minister will not admit that devolution has created an English democratic deficit that has to be remedied. And he still refuses to give the people a vote on the new constitutional treaty that fundamentally changes our relationship with the EU, despite an explicit manifesto pledge to do so.

Finally, a meteorological note – Here in southern Galicia, the sun is shining brilliantly today, in a cloudless sky. And it’s forecast to hang around for a while. Which is just as well as yesterday was the dankest* summer day I’ve seen anytime, anywhere in the world. Nationalist readers will be disappointed to know I only just managed to save myself from suicide. By drowning, of course.

* El mas húmedo y frío


Anonymous said...

When we are done with Iraq, let's invade Spain to guarantee that no one is discriminated by her language, whether Galician, Spanish or English.
Let's crush them: the Army from Gibraltar and the Navy from the North.

And let's send all these bloody Nationalists to Guantanamo. And the Trotskyites too.

Fucking hell!! We have to teach these useless Spaniards so many things....

Colin said...

Well, not all Spaniards. But you could certainly do with some education. In the Spanish sense of the word.

Colin said...

And you need to do something about your chippy inferiority complex.

Anonymous said...

I did not insult you, so please do not insult me: I am not Spanish. I have British passport and live in the UK, although I was born abroad.

Xoan-Carlos said...

Colin, to clarify on the Spanish government's golden share in Telefonica. The Spanish government used this to block a merger with Dutch telco KPN a couple of years ago -- it wasn't quite as long winded as the Endesa-Eon saga, but still a good of Spanish commercial nationalism -- a bit like the way in which all those Spanish chauvanists now boast about how Britain's airports are all Spanish owned (ever since the time it started to take twice as long to get through airport security).

Colin said...

Hey, Xoan-Carlos. Good to hear from you again.

Thanks for the additional info re the government's [illegal?] use of their golden share. In contrast, years ago the British government has such a share in the Wellcome Trust. Most foreign [and British] pharmaceutical companies thought this would be a bar to takeover so never tried it. In the end, Glaxo decided to test the theory and won. Leading to the company then known as Glaxo-Wellcome.

Colin said...

Mr/Mrs Anonymous

I'm not sure I'm that interested but - if you want to be taken seriously - do you think you could put aside the pointlessly sarcastic tone of your original comment and tell us exactly what your point is?

At the moment it looks like you think I am trying to resurrect the British empire to address a democratic issue in Galicia. Which, I'm sorry to say, is fatuous.

To state the obvious, my view is the Galician people are entitled to vote for whoever they like. But I don't have to like their decisions. And I'm not compelled [where I am allowed] to vote in the same way.

Plus I'm free to say so. And to regularly point up what I sees as the quintessential divisiveness of Nationalism.

You are not compelled to agree and you are equally free to express here whatever opinion you like. But, for the life of me,right now I can't tell what it is.

PS. Why do you feel insulted to be called Spanish? Or is this not what you meant?

Anonymous said...

Put all these English inmigrants in a boat and send them far far away.

We have enough national shit. We don't need to import it from abroad.

Colin said...

Do you think you could possibly explain what imported 'nationalist shit' you are talking about? Or do you only deal in abuse?

Otherwise, I - for one - haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about. Which is a shame, if you are going to take the trouble to make a comment.