Thursday, August 02, 2007

Recommending restaurants is a fraught business. For instance, there’s a Galician restaurant in Portobello Road in London which reviewers seem to think is either the best or the worst in London. Possibly depending on the degree of nostalgia you’re suffering from. Or the night you go. So, I’m conscious this might be a big mistake but, if you’re in Madrid, think about going to El Inti de Oro, Amor de Dios, 9 - very near the Anton Martin tube station. This is a Peruvian place where I’ve eaten well a few times and where, according to my daughter, they now do a superb evening menu for 20 euros a head. She was so impressed by both the food and the service she tipped at British rather than Spanish levels. Though not American, of course. Which would be utter madness.

Anglo Saxons tend to regard Spanish parents as somewhat indulgent towards their offspring, who nonetheless turn out to be better teenagers. One hears occasionally of kids demonstrating the ‘emperor syndrome’ but I was still surprised to read in El Mundo yesterday that in the first 6 months of this year 3,500 Spanish kids were ‘denounced’ for ill-treating their parents. By whom, one wonders. Grandparents? Neighbours?

Galician road deaths in July were 33. Sadly, this is not an improvement on last year.

My apologies for a rushed post yesterday that contained a number of typos. And my congratulations to early-in-the-day readers who noticed I’d written ‘flaunting’ when I meant ‘flouting’.

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Xoan-Carlos said...

The Galicia in Portobello is very good and feels like a local small town Galician restaurant -- maybe not trendy and poncy enough for the sort of people who are in Portobello all the time. It's also Sophie Ellis Bextor's favourite restaurant (she had a double page spread in the Observer's food supplement a couple of months ago saying why it was so good).