Saturday, December 08, 2007

Saturday morning is probably not the best time to announce this to a slumbering world but I’d like to introduce you to a new word – clizzle. This describes the fine, clothes-soaking rain that falls relentlessly when you’re enveloped in a cloud. There is, apparently, a similar word - crizzel – which is a ‘kind of roughness on the surface of glass, which clouds its transparency’. Remarkably, the word cloud appears in both definitions and there is, of course, a connection in reduced visibility. But, anyway, I think it’s very apt that a Brit living in Galicia should coin a new word for rain. By the way, it is el clízel in Spanish and o clíxel in Gallego. But I fear the respective Royal Academies will take some time to catch up with this.

The x in Gallego is pronounced sh in English [and in Gallego!] and is usually substituted for the harsh j of Spanish. So, for example, our local town of Sanjenjo [‘The Marbella of Galicia’] is a lot easier to say for Brits in Gallego than in throat-ripping Spanish. As is the title of Cervantes’ famous novel. This advice is relevant not only for the previous paragraph but also for the news that Galicia is home to a thriving animation industry and that the latest feature film being prepared here is all about a donkey. It’s entitled Donkey Xote, which I think is a stroke of genius. Though Spanish friends are not so sure.

Finally - The EU and Telefonica are still engaged in a war of words over the former’s claim that broadband here is expensive and of a quality inferior to that promised. Defending Telefonica – which, if I had one, would lose it my vote - the Spanish government claims the speed obtained by users is very close to that purchased. Well, I know a market research sample of one is useless but I pay for 1000 something-or-others but never get more than 650. Personally, I don’t rate two thirds of what I’m entitled to as fidelity to the service offered. Others may differ. Especially if they’re employed by either the government or Telefonica. Neither of whom would win a popularity contest.


James said...

Sanxenxo must pronounced "Sanshensho" always despite some people pronounce it as "Sanjenjo". This last for is neither official nor correct. It's because "Jenjo" makes no sense in Spanish! the translation of Xenxo is Ginés, so Sanxenxo=San Ginés. But of course, if one pronounces "Sanshensho" I am seen as country bumpkin by some new rich/posh people.

I think if we translate a name of a place, we should do it correctly. If not, as Francoism did, we can find things like: O niño de Águia (in Galician "Eagle's nest") changed into Niño de la Guía!(in Spanish Boy's Guide, mucho menos interesante!)

By the way, this comment isn't a [nationalist]complaint :), if I didn't write before is because I didn't think it necessary. I like your blog a lot, it shows me a good and different point of view of the things of Pontevedra, where I am from (and I have found it by coincidence some weeks ago).

Sincereley, James Heiden :)(my alternative personality on the internet

PS: and yes, I don't understand why a lot of people here blame the USA for everything. Ok, American supporting of Franco wasn't fun, but it was long time ago. Anyway I guess common people blame them more because they have Bush than other conscientious reasons. My American girlfriend thinks the same.

Duardón de Albaredo said...

"I guess common people blame them more because they have Bush than other conscientious reasons"

Of course, the current agressions, imperial wars are not happening. For some weird reason, fetishism, they [common people] only hate one personage [Bush]. Get rid of him and those "imperial wars & agressions" will be plainly accepted... I mean, no one will complain. Warmongerism anyone?

for some reason the troll who stole my nick (by creating an account with it) deleted that account. So the real, original, primordial Duardón is back...

Duardón de Albaredo said...

I almost forgot, Colin. I am one of those who type "Colin Davies Blog" on the google search box. I could bookmark your blog, true, but a "voice" which I cannot ignore is telling me "hey, why such deference"!?

Duardón de Albaredo said...

In Galician language a verb describes that kind of rain (crizzel): "babuñar". Well, maybe only used in our mountains of Lugo, I am not sure.

zyclop said...

remember Churchill:
"I only trust statistics that I have falsified myself"

zyclop said...

to what "james" said:
"but it was long time ago."

Adolf Hitler and his ilk was long time ago too.

El Casareño Ingles said...

Make your market sample two.

I paid for 2GB and got 500K. Unsurprisingly I did not renew the service a year later.

Colin said...

A smart man, Churchill

Anonimo said...

Hi Colin and El Casareño Inglés,

I live in Central London and I'm paying for 8Mbps but actually getting 500kbps when I'm lucky, and just 150kbps most of the time.

Since I am sure that in the UK are hundreds of wonderful broadband providers, you could do something useful and just name a couple of them.