Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One of today’s Spanish headlines - Socialists call the Opposition Leader a liar as he changes his mind on investiture vote. Well, that didn’t take long, did it? Normal service resumed. Even before the new parliamentary session has begun.

It’s reported that properties on the Costa del Sol are now taking on average more than 4 years to sell. And that 45% of new properties lie unsold. I’m surprised it’s not more. What sensible Brit would buy when the euro is rising and prices have a long way to fall yet? Then again, how many Brits are sensible? And I don’t suppose members of the Russian mafia display much price sensitivity. Nor local politicians with cash in the mattress.

I’m not up-to-date on the latest developments in Pontevedra’s gypsy drama but I was interested to read yesterday that - here in Britain - a large group of gypsies had used the Easter holidays to set up a sizeable camp - complete with electricity and water - close to the home of a government minister. Most revealing was the quote from a Romany spokesperson that they knew it was all illegal but that recourse to, first, the British courts and, then, the EU courts meant that it would take up to 8 years to dislodge them.

Galicia Facts

Spain’s National Confederation of Constructors forecasts that the sector in Galicia will see growth of 3% this year. I assume this means in prices. Though it might mean in the volume of new properties reaching the market. Take your pick.

Perish the thought but I’m about to say something positive about Telefonica - They’ve financed a book on Spain’s recent progress by an ex FT columnist, William Chislett. It’s called Spain - Going Places and you should be able to download it free via the Notes in Spain link on this blog.


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