Monday, June 23, 2008

Someone asked me the recently whether the mullet hairstyle was making a comeback but I can’t recall whether they meant in Spain or the UK. Anyway, here’s a photo [no. 7] of ex President Aznar which suggests it might be the former. The interesting thing is that Aznar is, I think, an ex tax inspector and not renowned for his rakish ways. Perhaps he has a girlfriend. Or is trying to redeem his youth. Or both.

I touched on British humour the other day. For some reason, I was reminded today of the words on the gravestone of one of its greatest exponents – Spike Milligan. “I told you I was ill!”. Ironically, Milligan was Irish.

Which reminds me of a comment from a real Brit, Lord Salisbury – “The four cruellest yet sweetest words in the English language are ‘I told you so’”.

Galicia Facts

Forecasters say that the increase in summer heat in Spain this year will be felt less here than elsewhere.

Meanwhile, though, the good folk who run the council of ‘the Marbella of Galicia' [Sanxenxo/ Sanjenjo] have announced that the municipality’s budget is 30% down on last year’s. I don’t suppose they’ll be boasting this year of any connection with Marbella. Even less with its neighbour, Estepona.

Is anyone else having difficulties posting to Blogger? Perhaps because of Firefix 3.0.


mike the trike said...

I have some trouble and I am using Netcape ver which is partly Firefox ver It only gives trouble when I type in the word verification and I sometimes have to do it more than three times.

mike the trike said...

That should read Netscape Navigator

mike the trike said...

To prove what a liar I am I'm posting another comment and so far no problem but yesterday it did play up.

Victor said...


I am surprised have you not mentioned anything about last night's result. What did you think about it?

Sherry said...

When I was in Spain last Spring, I definitely noticed the mullet. It really had me cracking up everywhere.

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