Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Damn this recession. Despite scanning 5 local papers today, I came up with nothing by way of stimulus for the challenge of writing a post. It's true there are rumours about a Spanish bank in difficulties - and even suggestions Banco Santander may, indeed, have over-reached itself - but I don't want to go there. Or not yet, at least.

So here's another couple of references to articles in Prospect magazine . . .

The first of these gives an alternative view of George Bush's presidency. At least in the foreign policy context. It contains the following provocative paragraph:- Will the increasing decentralisation of Europe into regions and even quasi-states such as Catalonia and Scotland weaken the old national states sufficiently to allow the emergence of a strong pan-European government? That would also weaken the US, which now acts as Europe's only functioning co-ordinator for all that is military and diplomatic. It is also wildly unlikely in this century.

And here's an article on the importance of 'character' and the role of the family in creating it. Strange to read in a left-of-centre journal that "character may be the key to some of our most entrenched social problems." My impression was it had become criminal in modern Britain to utter views like this. But the wheel turns, I guess.


So what can I write of topical relevance . . .?

Well, a local friend last weekend braved the scorn of her colleagues by taking a trip on Pontevedra's tourist train. Possibly she was the only passenger to know the recorded commentary was describing Plaza de la Leña when, in fact, they'd stopped in Plaza de la Verdura. And so on.

On a less prosaic level, I learned today - from a football report! - that the northern Portuguese cities of Braga and Guimaraes were once fierce rivals to be the capital of Galicia. Though I'm sure this will be corrected, if it's wrong. Or even merely debatable.


Charles Butler said...

And the source of the bank rumour was?

Colin said...

It was an interview with a Spanish economist in one of yesterday's papers, El Pais or El Mundo, I think.

Colin said...

No, it was the Faro de Vigo.