Sunday, December 07, 2008

I can’t say I’ve had any problems myself but I’ve heard it said a few times that Spain is a country where doctors still consider themselves to be close to God. So I was interested to read this weekend that use of the internet will allow illustrious members of the medical profession to ‘humanise’ themselves. Thus becoming, it’s said, fine examples of El Médico 2.0. However, my daughter’s experience in Madrid would suggest it’s still not wise to start your conversation with a specialist with “I’ve been looking on the internet at the latest treatment in the USA.” At least not with un médico 1.0. Or even 1.0.03

I do try to do my bit for the environment, especially when it comes to consuming plastic. But it’s tough when onions, meat, fruit, etc. are sold to you in supermarkets on a plastic tray covered with impenetrable plastic sheeting. Or when the woman in the health food shop [sic] insists on you taking a large plastic bag for your coriander seeds, even when they’re encased in plastic and you’re already carrying another plastic bag they can go in. And I wasn’t too surprised to hear that Carrefour are not selling many of the large non-plastic bags that customers are now using in their French outlets. As with other things – especially water – environmental considerations have yet to make much of an impact on the Spanish. Or should I just say the Galicians?

Talking of our region . . We’re accustomed [or should be] to coming second to last in most of the numerous surveys that are published here, just ahead of the heat bowl/ice box of poor Estremadura. But, when it comes to internet household penetration, we’re even worse off than the inhabitants of that benighted region, with only 40% against their 41%. To compensate, we have four of the cheapest cities in Spain when it comes to a representative basket of foodstuffs. Though the surprising ‘winner’ is Salamanca and the not-so-surprising loser, Bilbao. With the spread between these two being a whopping 24%. It could be another country . . .

Finally – a piece of linguistic advice for Anglos. If you’re looking for the ENT section of the hospital, it goes by the longish and tongue-twisting name of otorrinolaringología. Though I’m told it can be shortened to otorrino. But perhaps it would be best to write it out before you go.


David Jackson said...

Pity the poor father with a child suffering from patologías otorrinolaringológicas who has to search for the Sñr Otorrinolaringólogo in the Otorrinopediatría department.

But if you wimp out and ask for the Otorrino don't mumble and ask for the Ornitorrinco :) .

Colin said...

From the RA's dictionary . . .

La palabra Ornitorrinco no está registrada en el Diccionario. Las que se muestran a continuación tienen una escritura cercana.

* ornitorrinco

Beats me.