Sunday, December 28, 2008

I don’t, of course, know whether it’s Christopher Booker or the scientists he rails against who are right about both Global Warming and man’s contribution to it. But I do admire his energy and his consistency in opposing and challenging orthodoxy. And I do hope he’s right that the world doesn’t need to spend the vast sums of money required to defeat the devil. Not that much of this is going to be spent during the years of recession ahead of us. Anyway, here’s his latest article, which some might find a tad triumphalist.

Talking of the so-far generously-financed great fight against Global Warming . . . Here in Galicia there’s trouble at the turbines. The Voz de Galicia tells us today it’ll be a while before the fat lady sings the final results of the tender process. Firstly, the president of the Xunta has distanced his majority party from the announcements made this week by his minority nationalist coalition partner and said that each ‘park’ will be dealt with separately. And, secondly, all the [many] companies whose snouts were left out of the trough have instructed their lawyers to initiate legal appeals. Which should be fun to observe. Meanwhile, here’s an article from the Voz in which the author questions the democratic credentials of the BNG party for unilaterally taking decisions of such importance when 82% of the electorate didn’t vote for it. Good question. But this is Spain and these things happen. When the nationalist tail wags the socialist dog.

En passant 1: The title of the article is the Spanish equivalent of Gone with the Wind.

En passant 2: The company awarded the biggest share of the spoils is described in one paper as ‘the armed arm’ of the local savings bank [Caixanova] which owns it. Which seems an odd thing for a bank to have.

To be less serious - This may or may not be a photo of something unique. It’s a bank branch on the edge of Pontevedra that’s possibly just closed down. Unless it’s merely being refurbished. Time will tell.

And, finally, here’s a building in the centre of town which may not be long for this life. It’s clearly scheduled for renovation but I’d bet there’s a fair chance of the lovely façade, at least, being retained. But we will see.

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Midnight Golfer said...

Colin, haven't you heard the good news?!

Link not unto the site of a blasphemer for whosoever linketh upon such hath blasphemed with them already on their own webpage.

And whosoever shall believe in the inconvenient truth, doubting nothing, unto them will I bless with the blessings of carbon credits.

Be ye therefore green, lest ye be in danger of global warming.

-(it's the new american religion, afterall.)

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