Thursday, January 01, 2009

Possibly it’s age which is driving a wedge between me and the Spanish idea of fun. Then again, I only had a few hours sleep last night as a result of screaming kids until after 2am, karaoke adults until after 3am and firecrackers starting at 6.30am. Against all of which, even triple earplugs are of little avail.

And then, from midday, we had the 9 year old next door practising scales on his bloody saxophone.

But the day’s nadir came at 2.40 when I settled down for my siesta and Tony decided to counter his 5 year old’s habitual crying with his time-tested bellowing at full belt. Exasperated, for the first time in five years I shouted something through the wall. At which Tony decided to take the kid out into the back garden, possibly to drown him in the community swimming pool. Though I fear not.

But life must go on. Though this is easier said than done here on January 1. For there’s little as dead and desolated as a Spanish city on the morning after a celebratory family dinner when a similar lunch awaits. I did manage to find a café open but felt it best to leave when they started piling up chairs on the tables around me. But an open bar and a glass of Rioja I failed to find and so had to resort to my own kitchen and cellar. Before failing, as they say here, to conciliate sleep. Or myself.

To continue on the sour note with which I’ve begun this first post of the year . . . Here’s more on the demonstration planned for January 9 against the property practices of the municipalities of southern Spain. As Lenox says on his Spanish Shilling site – “This is about generalised (and institutionalised) property fraud in a 21st century European state. It's about notaries and mayors and town hall architects and the people from 'Costas' and the man from the 'delegación provincial'. It's about 'land grab', 'inherited mortgages', unfair re-zoning, sleight-of-hand, trickery and fraud.” Hmm. As I’ve said, logic dictates that the central and local governments should be concerned about the repuation all this has given Spain but I’ve yet to see any evidence of this. However, if any reader wants to refute this, I’d be pleased to offer this blog as a platform.

Meanwhile, I’ll just say I wasn’t too surprised to read that 50% of bars and restaurants in Vigo have yet to start complying with the anti-smoking legislation introduced exactly three years ago.

Tomorrow is another day. Though today has been a good one for considering suicide. Or triple murder.


mike the trike said...

Yes I know all about noisy neighbours and had them when I lived in the UK. The young fellow next door used to play up when his parents went out and played his music at full volume with maximum bass. Trying to talk to the parents was a waste of time as all I got was abuse. I reported it to the council but all they wanted was for me to keep a log and they did nothing in the end. I decided to take things in my own hands so I hooked up my morse oscillator to an amplifier and set the key to stay down and left the house with a high pitch going full blast through the neighbouring bedroom wall. I came back after and hour. The music stopped for a while but later he decided to use his parent's hifi downstairs so I recorded two hours of sonar signals and blasted that when the parents were at home. His father came to the door and threatened to kill me. The parents have a house in Almería so wonder how they get on with their neighbours? I hope your neighbour Tony has a brother and he lives next to them.

paideleo said...

Feliz 2009.

Colin said...

Many thanks, Paideleo. Leo's dad?

Colin said...

Yes, Mike. There's nothing as bad as noisy neighbours. Thank God T goes away for 6 weeks at a time and the dynamics of parent-child relations in the house revert to something like normal. Except when T's father comes to look after the kids. You can guess what his approach is. And how quickly the boys are turning into a third generation of males who think that bawling is the answer to everything.

paideleo said...

Of course: pai = dad.
Maybe you remember me when I was "acedre" de eueoseeuu.blogspot.

Colin said...

Ah yes. Many thanks for your good wishes for 2009. I send mne to you as well.

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